How it works

633 nm

Visible red light is absorbed by all the skin’s layers, including dermis. Exposure to this wavelength promotes the natural self-repairing process of the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen offering a wide range of esthetical applications, including rejuvenation and improvement of scars’ aspect.

415 nm

It is the perfect wavelength to improve mild to moderate acne appearance. Blue light stimulates anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory processes, fighting acne bacteria and restraining its spreading.

830 nm

Exposure to infrared triggers a response in the deep tissue to stimulate cellular processes and promote cellular repair mechanisms. It also facilitates microcirculation for the temporary relief of pain that is associated with muscle injury or arthritis.

590 nm

Amber light is used to soothe the skin. Used at the beginning and at the end of a session, it helps prepare the skin for the treatment and increases the treatment’s efficiency while used at the end of the procedure.

Unique Benefits

The Soli-Lite system is the most powerful LLLT unit available in the industry. Certified by TÜV and licensed by Health Canada, it features unique benefits:

Used alone

The Soli-Lite Galileo system allows a comprehensive cure for:

  • Rejuvenation
  • Significantly reduce acne condition by restraining and contributing to destroy acne bacteria
  • Temporary relieve of pain associated with arthritis or arthrosis or simply muscle injury by increasing momentarily blood and lymph stream in the target area
  • Promotes faster healing times and more esthetical scarring following an invasive procedure

Or combined
to other treatments

The Soli-Lite system may be combined to a variety of treatments for enhanced results and faster recovery.

Perfect to gently improve mild to severe acne appearance, the Soli-Lite system is the perfect complement to more abrasive treatments helping the skin regain its smooth texture.

While used as an adjunct to antiaging treatments, the Soli-Lite promotes a better outcome and brightens the complexion.   It also promotes a better absorption factor to benefit from antiaging active ingredients.

Combined to medical treatments for muscle injury, the Soli-Lite promotes faster recovery by relieving temporarily pain and by reducing inflammation.

While used following an invasive procedure, exposure to near infrared wavelength promotes faster healing times and reduces swelling and edema.


830 nm & 590 nm

Improvement of scars appearance
Pain relief
Joint and muscle pain
Muscle spasm
Temporary improvement of blood flow for better tissue oxygenation

633 nm

Improvement of damaged skin appearance

415 nm

Improvement of active Acne appearance